17 years ago.

The annual message came early. Via text. They’re almost always texts these days.

11:56 pm

“17 years ago.”

The next came at 3:02 am.

I heard the alert. It didn’t wake me. I was already up.

“I can’t believe it.”

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An Introduction to Pops’ PDQ Investing Principles

In merry old English pubs where ale was sold by the pint and quart, bartenders would often encourage rowdy customers to “mind your pints and quarts” – later shortened to “mind your p’s and q’s.” I’ve adopted a revised version of this ancient scolding to encourage members of the younger generations to do the same […]

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Patience, my friend. Patience.

Welcome back, my fellow Treehuggers! As promised in the last Tips from Pops post, we’re going to start taking a deeper dive into each of the three components that make up my personal investing approach — what I refer to as my PDQ Principles. Short, as you might recall, for Patience, Diversification, and Quality. If you need […]

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Diversify, diversify, diversify.

Welcome back, Treehuggers! Let’s just get cracking where we left off — about half way through an introduction to each of my PDQ Principles. Today, I’ll be tackling the “D” in “PDQ” — Diversification. If you need a quick refresher on what we’ve discussed up to this point, you can check out an overview of […]

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The importance of “quality” in investing.

It’s time to round out the introduction to my PDQ Principles for personal investing, with the last (but certainly not least) principle: Quality If you need a quick refresher on what we’ve discussed up to this point, check out an overview of my Introduction to Pops’ PDQ Principles and my deeper dive into the first two principles […]

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Nikki’s Favorite Things: Edition 1

When I find something fabulous, I like to share. But sometimes a fabulous find is fleeting. Like a serum that smells like a dream, but eventually sets your face ablaze. Or a cozy bra that’s easy on the pocketbook, but also hides a criminal underwire that, due to poor construction, will shank you every time […]

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