Anti-Aging or Gracefully Evolving?

When I think of skincare, I get a little flutter in my belly. I love everything about it. The routine in the morning (slightly tweaked in the evening). The daily researching of new products and scientific advancements, and the counter full of my latest discoveries. It’s a sickness, really – one that my friends and family take full advantage of (in the form of product cast-offs and advice).

This inaugural skincare post is meant to shine a light on how my obsession came to be, and to also provide you with a sneak peek into what’s to come in future posts (hint: product reviews, routine tutorials, etc.) I hope, along the way, you find bits and pieces that help you on your own skincare journey.

Of course, we’re not all the same age or skin type. But one thing is certain, if you’re lucky enough to live beyond your youth, the passage of time will eventually make an uninvited appearance at your party. You will also be (prematurely) thrust into what the cosmetics and skincare industries lovingly refer to as the “anti-aging” demographic. Right around the time you hobble past your 28th birthday.

Hey cosmetics industry! Can we retire anti-aging??

I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of the anti-aging stamp. Mainly, because I consider anyone under the age of 40 to be shiny and new, and anyone under 30 to essentially be in the womb. Also, I’m not against aging. With it comes experience, wisdom and the well-earned right to look and feel however we like – without fear of judgment. Or more importantly, without giving a hoot about others’ judgment.

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