Nikki’s Favorite Things: Edition 1

When I find something fabulous, I like to share. But sometimes a fabulous find is fleeting. Like a serum that smells like a dream, but eventually sets your face ablaze. Or a cozy bra that’s easy on the pocketbook, but also hides a criminal underwire that, due to poor construction, will shank you every time you move your torso.

To be a favorite of mine, a product must endure, and do its job well along the way. And if it’s cheap, well you can color me happy and put me down for a nap.

This first edition of my favorite things includes a diverse trio of products, each of which makes me happy in their own unique way.

A special place for my sh*%

I’m a girl who loves her beauty bobbles, and I’m well aware of the importance of a good sturdy makeup bag. Protecting your purse from broken blush is a lesson you don’t have to learn twice, unless your name is Nikki. And if you profess a ‘gift with purchase’ makeup bag will survive the daily thrashing inside a gal’s giant hobo carryall, well, that’s just crazy talk.

Which brings me to Girrl Scout’s “Face Shit” makeup pouch. First, let me give credit where credit is due. Catherine Ann, one of my favorite people on the planet (and fellow skincare addict) is the gal who introduced me to this future fave. I saw it on her person. I loved it. I considered stealing it. But guilt stepped in, so I bought it. And I’ve been loving it ever since.










Here’s why:

  1. It’s rugged. It stands the test of time – about a year now for me. Considering it’s been tossed around alongside coffee cups, nail files, and everything else under the sun — that’s saying something.

  2. It’s big. But oddly flopsy (yes, flopsy). It can be balled up and folded every which way, and fits in whatever you can stuff it in.

  3. It’s cool. Few things make me happier than an unexpected curse word. And the fact that the punchy phrase ends in a grammatically incorrect period is an added bonus. Almost like it’s declaring: “Enough said.”

The only downfall is that it’s not lined to handle spilled liquids. But really, I learned a long time ago to put your liquids in a Ziplock — or some environmentally-friendly version of one.

Also, as of today, there is a limited ‘campground edition’ — made of canvas with an “olive green easy-to-clean lining”. I’m clicking “add to cart” as we speak.

The original version comes in black or white, and retails for $20 at

UPDATE: I got a tweet from @girrlscout that this past year they began lining all makeup bags with an easy-to-clean lining. Perfect!

Don’t settle for a powder that settles.

If you wear liquid makeup and you’re over the age of “What wrinkles?”, then you understand that finding a powder that doesn’t settle into fine (or not so fine) lines is a challenge.

A number of years ago, I gave up trying to match my powder with my foundation. (Anyone remember Lancome Matte Bisque?) Thus began my long and frustrating search for the perfect translucent powder. Along the way, I found a few that passed muster, but none that ticked all the boxes. Laura Mercier came pretty close, but I still noticed some slight drying and caking as the day wore on.

So my strange love of researching beauty products commenced. In that search, I came across a makeup artist cult favorite, called RCMA No Color Powder.









Claiming to “set foundation…without adding texture”, I was cautiously intrigued. But the cheap packaging and baby powder appearance made me pause.  Alas, the cheap price tag won out (just over $10 for 3 oz.), and I eventually pulled the trigger. Thank goodness I did.

This is a find and an alarmingly inexpensive one at that. And considering you use a meager amount at each sitting, it’ll last you forever.

So, why do I like it?

  1. It’s a good deal. You get a lot for a little. And it works.

  2. It does what you want it to — setting your makeup while avoiding the cakey, cracky look. In other words, it controls shine while you retain that radiant glow.

  3. It’s flash proof. This isn’t my area of expertise, but apparently flash photography won’t leave you looking pasty.

  4. Did I mention it’s cheap?

You can purchase RCMA on Amazon, but this is one time Amazon doesn’t beat out the little guy. Get it at half the price at Camera Ready Cosmetics. You’re welcome.

Hip, hip hooray for Poo Poo-Pourri!

Some people might be surprised that I’m including a product whose #1 purpose is to mask odors related to #2. Those people don’t know me.

When my fabulous friend, Marybeth, introduced this freak of nature to our soul sister crew on an annual girl’s trip, I was skeptical. But she sang its praises. And in those close quarters, filled with four girls overindulging on food and spirits, her claim was tested (and tested and tested) and indisputably proven.

Unlike bathroom sprays, which spread through the air the lovely scent of lilies and feces, Poo-Pourri actually eliminates even the most obscene odors using a pure blend of natural essential oils. Just pump a few sprays directly into the bowl before you do your business, and walk out of the loo confidently – knowing your secret is safe. Pretty sure Stephen thinks I don’t process food. So, thank you, Poo-Pourri, for keeping my social and sex life in tact.

In my home, there’s a bottle in every bathroom. I’ve created my own little safe space – for all to enjoy. If only I could say the same at work, where many have not discovered this fine little product. Not a safe space, indeed. But I’m working on it.

Poo-pourri is available just about everywhere. I usually pick it up in the Ulta impulse aisle, but if you prefer anonymity, check out the Poo-Pourri website or old trusty, Amazon.

More to come.

If you’ve enjoyed this first edition of Nikki’s Favorite Things, please leave a comment below. I’ve got loads of other goodies to pass on. And please know, all reviews are independent. I have no relationship with any of these products, and no money has changed hands. In other words, this is some real stuff. My opinions, of course. But honest opinions.

If you have any favorite products, pass those on to your fellow Treehuggers in the Comments section as well.  Stay well and have a great week!

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  1. I can’t wait for more of you “favorite things!” Your writing draws me in and your advice is trustworthy :). Xoxo

  2. Love this post. The face powder has always been a search for me, and who doesn’t welcome a smell-free bathroom! Keep it up, Nik❤️

  3. You are right on with the benefits of Poo-Pourri!!

    Thanks for the info on RCMA Powder.

    1. You should get the new camping edition of the bag, Susan — fits your outdoorsy like perfectly!